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Product Demos

Sales Pipeline Campaign Influence

An overview of how marketing teams can deliver measurable and proven micro-level data on campaigns that influence pipeline velocity and deals to close inside the sales funnel along the entire buyer's journey with MagicRobot technology.

Case Studies

Applied Systems

Applied Systems has been a long term customer of MagicRobot and has implemented and operationalized our MagicAttribution solution extensively across 2 Salesforce instances, 4 brand and 4 countries.

Customers In Focus


Short clip from the full length interview with Cynosure. A global medical device company with 3.8B in annual revenue. The interview takes place six months after the initial implementation of MagicRobot technology. See full interview HERE.

Use Cases

Live Events and Social Media

This video contains two basic use cases. The first covers an example of a live event before and 'after' the COVID 19 pandemic. The second covers an example of optimizing a social media campaign.



MagicAttribution enables our customers to work more efficiently, track pipelines, view deal velocity and measure campaign influence at the micro-level along the buyer's journey and to optimize their sales and marketing mix leading to accelerated revenue growth.

"Sometimes You Just Need Magic!"

Calling all growth teams. Sometimes you just need a little magic to to solve your problems! (And maybe a few robots too)

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