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Supercharge Campaign ROI with MagicAttributionTM

Our MagicAttribution solution is 100% Salesforce native and delivers the most comprehensive revenue attribution data-mining, analytics, reporting and planning solution available in the AppExchange. With our attribution technology, your sales and marketing teams can work more efficiently, track pipelines, measure campaign influence, performance and view deal velocity to optimize your sales and marketing mix. 


  • Deep-dive cross-campaign comparisons and projections.

  • Stand up live campaigns against mock campaigns.

  • Multi-variable & custom weighting modeling.

  • ROI & effectiveness analysis.

  • Optimize attributes to reach campaign goals.



  • Campaign Influence analysis of all data.

  • Determine lead sources (marketing v. sales).

  • Evaluate campaign and attribute success.

  • Multiple report models based on critical business factors:

    • Attributes/campaigns generating most leads.

    • Attributes/campaigns leading to most closes and revenue.


MagicOpportunity Summary

  • Provides scenario campaign modeling and forecasting.​

  • Fine-tune existing campaigns at the micro-level.

  • Accurately determine which campaigns provided the most ROI against your ideal time frame.



  • Define contact role library.

  • Auto-assigns prospect personnel contact roles.

  • Ensure the full picture of your buyers with accurate role data and influence on purchasing decisions.

  • You and your sales reps never have to worry about contact role data input again!


Models of Campaign Influence

You can finally analyze which campaigns do (or don’t) help your reps find and win opportunities with MagicRobot’s 5 proven models of campaign influence.


First Response

Awards 100% of each opportunity’s value ($) and number (#) to the campaign response that came first in sequence in the pre-opportunity “window of influence” / pre-SQP (SQP= Sales Qualified Pipeline date).


Most Influential Campaign

Awards 100% of the opportunity’s value ($) and number (#) to the campaign that had the highest number of pre-opportunity / SQP influential responses (e.g. likely the campaign with the “most contacts”).



Multi-touch even-spread weighting for campaign responses during the sales cycle: SQPs through to closed opportunities.  Answers: “Which campaigns were influential in helping move open pipelines to wins -- and which were not”.


Last Response

Awards 100% of the opportunity’s value ($) and number (#) to the campaign response that came last in sequence in the pre-opportunity “window of influence” -- on the day the opportunity was created.


General Influence

True multi-touch marketing attribution in Salesforce.  Use even-spread, standard weighted, or custom weighting across each influential campaign response pre-opportunity / SQP.

See how your campaigns are driving revenue 

What Our Customers Say


Amber Hobson, Applied Systems

"I have 10+ hours of time back a week, 300% more data to work with and our company can now prove a 33% increase in revenue attributed to marketing. We would be lost without MagicRobot."

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