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Customer In Focus

Cynosure: A Global Medical Device Company

Get it 'straight from the horse's mouth'! Hear one of our customers talk about the invaluable benefits of MagicRobot's AI-powered data management, automation and analytics technology INSIDE Salesforce! 

  • Reveal all the hidden data you currently can't see. 

  • Analyze the impact each marketing campaign touchpoint has on an opportunity.

  • Optimize your customer acquisition costs.

  • Increase closed-win velocity.

  • Improve your sales conversion rates.

  • Exceed revenue targets with deep cross-view 'Opportunity’ performance data.

  • 100% Salesforce Native = Frictionless Adoption

  • Time-to-Value = Instant

  • Automation = ‘Set-it and Forget-it’ Analytics

  • Multi-dated Currency = Multi-national Deployments

Access Video Case Study:

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