Here’s what the app does, and how it tells you which campaigns are helping your reps find and win opportunities with our multi-touch attribution models.

Have Confidence

Anyone can be your best analyst. Just type in what you’re looking for and accurate ROI results appear. Its super simple Campaign Explorer / Projector tool will let you compare campaigns as well as analyze individual campaigns or even project future campaigns. Your ROI will be accurate for the 1st time.

Contact Role Creator

Let your sales reps sell! Forget trying to train your reps to uniformly set lead source, primary campaign and fill out contact roles whenever they create opportunities. Magic Robot will do the work and you can stop nagging your reps.

Use with any Marketing Platform

This app complements and even enhances the reporting and analytics from existing marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and others.

The 5 Models of ROI Influence

The robot thinks about your campaigns with 5 models of influence:
+ General Influence (split evenly between all campaigns)
+ First Response
+ Last Response
+ Most Influential Campaign
+ Closers (responses between oppty create and win)

Uncover Your Money Makers

With Cohesive ROI and timeline analysis on your historic and future campaign data, the intuitive and responsive Campaign Explorer / Projector will tell the story on how to effectively reach the customers the quickest or best to add to your sales. You’ll quickly find out which campaigns are studs and which campaigns are duds.

Yes, Multi Currency

The Influence Analyzer supports all 3 types of Salesforce currency management, including dated exchange rates

Negotiate with Vendors

Never overpay for vendor services again. Based on your vendor history, you can accurately know how much to pay for any campaign such as signing up for a tradeshow or sponsoring a webinar. This will save your company and your budget those needed funds that pop up at year’s end.

Accelerate your Sales

By truly understanding which campaigns and messages work to generate pipeline and sales –and which ones don’t—you will now be able to identify and replicate your greatest ROI campaigns and successes.

Get as Sophisticated as you Want

While Magic Robot is designed to be extremely simple to use, its architecture allows for extreme granularity in examining how every attribute of campaigns, contacts, accounts and opportunities are related.