Campaign Fields and Visualforce for “Advanced Closers Model” and “6th Model: of General + Closers”

Production Install Link:

Sandbox Install Link:


Edit your Campaign Layout and drag the Magic Robot Advanced Influence Window Visualforce page onto the Campaign Layout: 

To add to your existing layouts:
1. Click Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Page Layouts
2. Click Edit next to the layout
3. If you already have on your Campaign Layout the Visualforce page called “Magic Robot Influence Window,” remove it from your layout and/or remove the Section that contains it.
4. Drag a new Section onto the layout. Select 1-column. Label it something like “Influence” or “Magic Robot”
5. Select Visualforce Pages in the left column of the user interface elements palette
6. Select “Magic Robot Advanced Influence Window”, and drag it to the section panel (see below screenshot)
7. Click the wrench at set the height to 310 pixels. Do not check the box to display the label.
8. Click Save

Here’s a screenshot of the Visualforce Page in the Layout Editor view:

Existing clients running their legacy Magic Robot data through the new models & analysis:

  • In the Magic Robot settings, you will now see and can select a checkbox to Activate the expanded closer model:

Check that box, then save that setting.

  • Add the picklist “General & Closer” model value to the Campaign Influence Split Object’s field “First, Last, Most Influential, General” as illustrated here.
    • Setup -> Search for “Objects” -> Click on “Campaign Influence Split” object -> Click on First, Last, Most Influential, General” -> Click on “New” button for “Values” ->  Add “General & Closer”
  • You will want to ask Magic Robot to re-analyze opportunities based on close date (to at least capture currently open opportunities):

To do that, on the Campaign Influence Control Panel Tab, push button #1:

Next, when prompted, put in today’s date in this area.  That will tell Magic Robot to re-analyze any opportunities with a close date of today or later.  Thus, it will fill in data in the new models:

Now, click the confirmation button: “Yes, Run the Analyzer”:

Now Magic Robot will begin creating new Campaign Influence Split records for a new model, the “General & Closer” model and it will also analyze Open and Closed Lost Opportunities within the Closer Model!