About Us

Robots should do the work people can’t!

Magic Robot builds enterprise-grade Salesforce micro apps that magically make the impossible possible. We create for you novel, elegant solutions to fill some of those basic and frustrating gaps in standard Salesforce architecture, particularly for any situation that calls for a salesperson, like B2B account-based selling.

We strive to make apps that are installed and configured in under 10 minutes, while delivering magical results — to enable you to maximize your already sizable investment in CRM.

Instead of long consulting engagements and over-priced software contracts, Magic Robot delivers extremely valuable solutions for all sized companies — with low friction — at nominal flat annual fees.


Dave Vacanti

Founder & CEO

Dave is a Business Applications, Sales Enablement, and Marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience in large-scale Salesforce administration and development. He loves the process of inventing new Salesforce automation and functionality to completely relieve the stress of the departments that rely on it, most often by removing human entry requirement. As his bag of tricks has grown along with the Salesforce platform’s, he has become an integral and respected part of any business he has touched. Dave is a former Eloqua Experience Rock Star Track Speaker, as well as a Markies Award Finalist for Sales Impact.  During his free time, Dave relishes fostering his children’s emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development when he isn’t watching sports on television, maybe yelling at that television, sneaking out to hit a few golf balls, or listening to David Lee Roth-era Van Halen.  (Yes, seriously. 🙂 )